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Красные наступают!

23.09.2005 00:36
«Сделайте Warsong EU русским сервером».

Shane Dabiri толкнул спич.

09.09.2005 21:41
Ведущий продюсер World of Warcraft рассказывает игрокам, как пиздато всё будет совсем скоро.

Optimizing WoW Performace

06.09.2005 18:07
На allakhazam.com.

Не очень, на самом деле, хорошая статья (цитата: «Anamorphic Filtering (sp?)»), зато про войну. Там написанно, что нужно сделать перед прочтением моего поста на ту же тему.

Alterac Valley Tips

01.09.2005 07:31
Если вы еще не читали Blizzard’s Official Alterac Valley Tips, обязательно почитайте, оно того стоит.


Mage — AoE, standoff, and snaring runners are your basic roles, but the best use of your abilities is to run into enemy players fully buffed on a suicide run, spamming Arcane Explosion. This can cause lots of damage and chaos to the enemy while also netting you tons of CP. It works especially well when multiple mages do it. You also make excellent bait.

Я уже на этом абзаце начал подозревать, что они попросту издеваются над игроками. Окончательно в этом я убиделся, когда прочитал вот это:

Warlock — Use DoTs to kill enemy players that try to run away. Use AoE Fear and AoE fire attacks. If you have Curse of Exhaustion, you can also slow down enemy players that try to run.

Курсив мой.

Ну, хорошо хоть не советуют магам использовать невидимость.

Update — Реакция игроков на форуме:

…I know this all too well because I follow the law of Blizz. It is my job to charge into battle valiantly, though I will without fail fall before my labors bear fruit. I, the small, extra-squishy mage, am responsible for softening the greenskins (If I’m lucky I might kill one or two of the weakest ones). It is a shameless duty that I perform time and again as I make it easy for my comrades to wipe up the CPs while I enjoy another philosophical chat with the spirit healer on the nature of death.

Or perhaps I am assigned to stip naked and paint a large bullseye on myself. By distracting the Horde I give me other, more valuable teamates a better chance. If I have the time, then I should fulfill one of my three major class strengths: dispensing food and drinks to the shallow of pockets. If the players are courteous and have also read the Holy Guide to Alterec Valley, then they shall tip me for my act.

Also, be warned blashpemers who do not put points into IAE. The Great Blizzard has intended you to run in there, spamming like crazy. Any mage who commits the sin of choosing a different talent shall be stripped of his or her light feathers and repeatedly cast off the bridge of Dun Baladar unto death.

I must depart now, my masters require a portal to Ironforge. They are also displeased that I have failed to produce the level 60 food promised in the Holy Guide to Alterec Valley.